Peter van Deursen (Wine Tours)

This region in Occitania is probably known for its fine wines since people can remember. The soil is perfect for all sorts of grapevines to produce an enormous variety of wines. The differences in the soil make it possible for many wine growers to produce their own characteristic wines and the wine lover will taste the difference and find the wine best suited to his taste only by trying and tasting.

The French term for wine tasting is "degustation". On the road sides, many wine chateaus or farms will signpost this invitation. And although it should be tasted and not drunk, you do get to sample some and may not feel safe to drive after a few visits.

This is where I come in. A wine lover myself, I have over 10 years of experience in this area, and I know the places to go, where you can sample good wines and not pay too much, should you wish to buy some. Even better. I will be your driver so you can sit back and enjoy your wine tour, get some extra information, visit places you would normally just drive past and perhaps even discover new tastes and brands to bring home. Apart from the many red and whites, you may have never heard of the Blanquette or Cremant de Limoux, a sparkling wine which is known as the ancestor of the Champagne.

Prices depend on the distances and whether or not I will drive your car or we will go with our company car. Prices start at 75 euros a day as your driver, and at 150 a day if you decide to include transportation.

I hope to see you soon, on one of my specially designed wine tours!

Peter van Deursen
Barinca Travel & Tourism